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"Let the little children come" Mat. 19:14

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Deborah Park

Grade 6

Birthday: August 19
Birth Place: On a dairy farm in Wisconsin

Childhood memory of school: For a long time I hated it and skipped school as much as I could. With so much school missed, I fell behind my classmates in abilities and couldn’t even read on level for the first three grades. In fourth grade I met a very caring teacher who taught me some piano and enrolled me a special art school during the summer at a museum. With her confidence in me, willingness to work with me, and her disciplined teaching style, I quickly caught up to my grade level and thereafter enjoyed learning at school. She made a huge difference in my life!

What I enjoy about working at RMES: The best thing about teaching at RMES is I don’t stand alone when teaching. Christ stands with me! Here it’s clear that my objective in all things is to share Christ and His love with my students and help them learn how to share their love for Christ with others. Here at RMES I can brainstorm a week of prayer where all my students are involved in every aspect. Then I can drag in all the props and make it happen! And God can be glorified!!

Hobbies: Gardening, decorating, painting, reading, especially history.

Education: Southern Missionary College: B.S. in Education; LaSierra University: M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction.

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