School Safety – It’s a Big Deal!

With school safety on everyone’s mind, RMES parents want to know, “What is RMES doing about school safety?”  The answer is a quite a lot.  Our first priority is to make sure that only those who should be in the building get into the building.  Every RMES staff member is charged with making sure that the doors remain locked.  As you know, when you come to RMES during the school day, the front door is the only entrance.  The door has to be unlocked by someone in the office.  Then you check in at the front desk and get a visitor’s badge.  This helps us to know that you have checked in and are authorized to be in our building.  Please understand that with some 200 families with assorted grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, it is impossible for us to know each person who has a valid reason to enter our building.  Please don’t be offended when we ask for an ID or ask why you may want to come into our building.  If RMES staff has a concern about anyone who wishes to enter the school, the person will not be allowed to enter and Campus Safety or 911 will be called. 

Our dismissal procedure is designed to enhance our students’ safety.  We do not call students’ names over the radios.  If we called names over the air, anyone with a receiver, that can tune the radio bands we use, could hear names of our students.  Anyone who does not know their traffic number or have a blue RMES traffic card is asked to park and go into the building to check the child out with the teacher.  Of course we need to have an up-to-date list of those who are authorized to pick up your children. 

We regularly participate with the Campus Safety and Berrien County officials in fire drills, lockdown drills, and tornado drills.  These drills are extremely important so that, in an actual emergency situation, making the right moves is automatic.  Our teachers and students do a very good job in these drills and the officials involved are uniformly happy with both the behavior and the time it takes for the drills to be accomplished.  After each drill there is a debriefing with the school’s administration and the authorities involved to make our drills even more effective. 

Ruth Murdoch Elementary School has a Safety Committee that will be meeting periodically this year to make recommendations both for immediate and long-range plans to make RMES even safer.  We want to make RMES as safe as we possibly can.  One of the challenges is that it is always possible to make a facility safer by adding extra layers of security.  With each layer, however, it becomes more difficult for parents and students to go where they need to go.  The difficult task is to balance safety with common sense and convenience. 

If you have concerns about safety at RMES please feel free to contact me at or 269.471.3225.  My door is always open. 

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