Ruth Murdoch Elementary School

"Let the little children come" Mat. 19:14

JH Social Studies

Social Studies provides an important opportunity for students to learn about the world and this nation in the context of God's plan for humanity.  Students have an opportunity to see how we can care for others and understand  how people and communities function.   

Grade 8 student study the changes in America beginning after the Civil War.  SDA history is integrated throughout US history so students can see how our church grew and how it interacted with US history.    They think about cause and effect and realize Christian responsibilities to people around the world.  


Grade 7 students trace the role of religion, new ideas, and trade in world history beginning with the Middle East and Islam.  Students will think about different cultures and the role of trade and discovery in shaping culture and influencing who we are today.  They also trace the Great Controversy theme through the Reformation and the Renaissance.  


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