Ruth Murdoch Elementary School

"Let the little children come" Mat. 19:14

Junior High Mini-Courses




Our Jr. High mini-course program is unique to RMES.  In this program, students are exposed to many more subjects and able to broaden their interests in preparation for high school, college, the workplace and more.  While core subjects are taught in the morning, mini-courses are taught in the afternoon.  Mini-courses are approximately 45 minutes each, and students register for 6 mini-courses each quarter, for a total of 24 courses a year!

Yearbook  The yearbook is a student-led project.  Students make the decisions, with my guidance, on the theme, overall look, and layout, along with taking about 90% of the candid photos. A yearbook is a time-consuming, demanding, detailed mini-course which requires strong student leadership, but these things come with a huge life-changing payoff at the end!  The pride that comes with a Christ-led job well done cannot be matched.

The yearbook is a 4 quarter commitment which meets two days a week from August through the end of the school year.