Ruth Murdoch Elementary School

"Let the little children come" Mat. 19:14

Rosemary Bailey


I have always loved Nature and History, probably because my parents were interested in those things too.  I grew up in the woods and we did a lot of camping and nature watching.   My parents were active in my church I grew up with a wonderful church family.    We also visited many historic sites where history came alive.  It is through stories that we learn to understand others and  our relationship to people around the world and throughout history.   

I also love music and art and science.  I enjoy seeing the creative talents that God has given students and seeing them learn or develop new talents they didn't think they had.  I am curious and I like to learn new things.  

My passion is teaching kids to appreciate nature and see God's lessons in it.  I also like to use primary sources and artifacts to tell the story of history and how the things we study impacted real people and their ordinary lives.


Bring your curiosity and your kindness and join me for a great year!