Ruth Murdoch Elementary School

"Let the little children come" Mat. 19:14


Welcome to Kindergarten


Oh, my! What an interesting place to learn, make friends, and learn more about our Best Friend, Jesus.  We are busy all day long learning in so many different ways. Through books, hands-on learning, poems, songs, games, puzzles, and centers.  Plus PE, recess, library, music classes, assemblies, special guests, field trips and family projects.

We cover the subjects of Bible, Language Arts (which covers listening, speaking, handwriting, phonics, phonemic awareness, writing, pre/reading, fine motor skills [cutting, coloring, gluing, folding, scrunching, building], Math, Science, Social Studies,  and Art. We also spend time on Social/Emotional learning and outreach to others.

A Typical Day in Kindergarten

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About me

I was born in St. Joseph, Michigan and grew up in Berrien Springs. Growing up on the St. Joseph river, exploring the woods, playing sports, and spending a lot of time reading and creating. I attended Mars Elementary for Kindergarten, Village School for 1st-6th and Ruth Murdoch for Junior High.  I graduated from Andrews Academy, and you don't even want to know how many colleges I went to and how many majors I had! Let's just say I graduated from Pacific Union College with a degree in Elementary Education, with minors in Religion, Art, Science, Social Studies and English (that was the way PUC set up their education program at that time.)  

I started my teaching career in 1978 teaching grades 1-4 at the Tillamook Adventist School in Oregon. (Does that name ring a bell?! Heard of Tillamook Cheese or ice cream? There were more cows in Tillamook county than people!) I met my husband, Charlie, in Tillamook and after seven years of teaching I stayed home with our son, Willy, and later our daughter, Kelsey.  Those were busy, fun years! We moved to this area and I started teaching at Ruth Murdoch, starting in a 2nd-3rd, next 3rd, next 1st, then 1st-2nd for two years, and then Kindergarten, for 28 years now.  

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