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By Design Science

By Design Science Curriculum


By Design Science is the science curriculum that we use in our classrooms here at Ruth Murdoch Elementary School. Our textbook is broken down into four sections: Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science, & Health & the Human Body. Currently we are in the Earth Science section of our textbook.

While we are participating in distance learning, we will be going through Chapter 8, which covers weather, climate, clouds, air pressure, climate zones, trade wind patterns, and other geological effects that the above has on our Earth. While science can be an exciting subject to learn about, there will also be some confusing concepts that we will be covering in this unit. I will be posting frequent video links on this page that your child and family can reference to help you gain a better understanding of what some of these concepts are and how incredibly God designed them to work in our world!

3/30/20- Click here to watch a video explaining the Layers of Earth's Atmosphere