Ruth Murdoch Elementary School

"Let the little children come" Mat. 19:14

Pathways Reading

Pathways Reading Curriculum



The current Pathways book that we are reading is Spy for the Night Riders by Dave and Neta Jackson. We will begin reading this book on Monday, March 30th, reading one chapter each day Monday-Friday.  Students should finish the final chapter of this story on Wednesday, April 15th. There will be a short summary quiz that students will take over this book on Google Classroom on April 16th.

As we are currently on a distance learning schedule, students will need to submit a five to seven sentence summary of each chapter for their daily reading log (using complete and detailed sentences). If you are lacking the needed technology, your child can do a written reading log and submit it to me in the way that we have discussed and agreed upon.

Spy for the Night Riders Reading Log